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Learning ways to engage with the full texture of your life in each moment, with friendliness and curiosity, so that you can choose how to respond to things, rather than react in habitual ways.


MBSR Programs

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Programs

If you are interested in gaining more enjoyment and appreciation of life, and would like to learn a skilful, portable and compassionate way of looking after yourself, this 8-week group program might be right for you. MBSR has a strong evidence base supporting its effectiveness for managing stress and building resilience, and has been running internationally for more than 30 years. Participants cultivate mindfulness by learning specific meditation techniques which they practice in-between sessions in their daily lives. The next MBSR program. Details

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Workplace Group Training Programs

Workplace Group Training Programs

Optimizing the benefits of training in mindfulness involves recognizing and letting go of unhelpful habits of mind, and intentionally cultivating new habits, ones that are skillful, sustainable and portable. Group programs in the workplace are an effective way for teams to immerse in this learning process of self-mastery, and compassionate self-care. Group programs can be customized according to your organization’s requirements, and will draw on the core components of MBSR programs. Participants learn practical and specific ways to embed their new habits in work and home life.

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Tailored to your organization’s unique needs and time resource, these introductory workshops are an effective way of exposing your team to  concepts and practices of mindfulness. Workshops can include overviews of the latest research findings, stress physiology and its links with mindfulness, neuroscience and emotional resilience, as well as different exercises for immersing in mindful awareness. Participants come away with an appreciation of the potential for mindfulness application within their own context, with mindful exercises that they can choose to cultivate for creating wellbeing in their personal and working lives.

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One-on-one Coaching

Individual sessions in therapeutic mindfulness offer a structured, supportive approach in developing and sustaining mindfulness skills for your individual needs. This approach is suitable for those who are keen to cultivate mindfulness skills, but prefer the support, flexibility and privacy of one-on-one work.



Like a really good book or film, Suzanne Peyton’s Mindfulness Workshop stays with you.

What you get are convincing examples of how doing something mindfully helps you do it better – and gives you personal satisfaction.  Suzanne delivers, with humour and wisdom, stories and activities to get you started – or keep you going – along a mindful path.  The techniques learnt are practical and relevant both in the workplace and outside of work.

Not only did the presentation strike a chord at the time, one year on, staff and colleagues (working across a range of roles, with different levels of experience and skills) still talk about what they learnt and are still applying mindfulness principles.

ManagerAccredited Children’s Law SpecialistVictoria Legal Aid

Freia Carlton

Since completing the 8 week course, I am much better at managing work stress, and when I practice regularly I notice I operate in a clear headed and grounded manner. I use the techniques all the time, professionally and personally.

Case Manager, youth and homelessness, Melbourne City Mission

Rebecca Carless

I got more out of this course than I could ever have expected. I am sceptical by nature but the impact that this has had on my life has led me to thoroughly recommend mindfulness to everyone. The course itself was utterly engaging and I found myself looking forward to the next session days in advance. I will continue to practice mindfulness for a long time after the completion of the course due to the positive effects that I have noticed it to have on my overall health and happiness.
Martin Godfrey

Melbourne City Mission - JSA

A 7 minute introduction to mindfulness

For more information on mindfulness and meditation, watch this video from the from the founder of MBSR, Dr Jon Kabat Zin from the School of Medicine in the University of Massechusets.
Links to research in mindfulness.

Mindfulness Research

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